Our History

MAK Anesthesia was founded by a team of forward-thinking physicians in 2011 whom held a common belief that patient safety and quality outcomes were the cornerstones to an effective anesthesia practice.  Today, those beliefs are foundational to each and every decision we make as an organization.


The mission of MAK Anesthesia is to provide optimal patient outcomes and superior service while differentiating ourselves as a beacon of excellence among anesthesia providers.  Our offering is responsive to the direction of our customer(s), transparent both fiscally and operationally, and provides an innovative approach to the changes within the healthcare environment. We commit to delivering a turn-key service with integrity driven by passion for our profession and compassion to our patients.

We understand the success of our mission is highly dependent upon the culture in which we exist.  As the healthcare environment continues to evolve from fee for service to global payments within the era of "population health", it is more important than ever to substantiate who we are as an anesthesia practice.  Sam Parker developed a leadership strategy through his company GiveMore.com that speaks to exactly where we fit as an anesthesia group.   Essentially, 212 is the temperature at which steam can power a train; it's the extra effort (or the extra degree).  We recognize that one extra degree can make all the difference in the life of our patients, the success of the organizations we serve, and our ability to serve our communities with a philanthropic focus.