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In this era of healthcare, cost containment is top-of-mind for nearly every facility performing surgical procedures.  In many instances, subsidy arrangements can be reduced or even eliminated by simply implementing right-size staffing.  Our approach is data driven and eliminates the anecdotal guess-work that we often see throughout many operating rooms. 


Workforce Planning: MAK Anesthesia provides a comprehensive staffing assessment based on a data-driven approach that either confirms or contradicts the anecdotal responses commonly given for O.R. staffing challenges.  Our proprietary tool eliminates guesswork through advanced data visualization techniques and can be applied to all perioperative areas.  During our engagement we will: 1) Determine if an appropriate staffing-to-patient throughput exists, 2) Identify where efficiency is eroding which generally confirms underperforming metrics (such as Action OI), and 3) Identify areas where there is insufficient staffing coverage.  At the conclusion of our engagement we provide a well-defined road map with specific action plans to achieve optimal staffing.  

Block Utilization Program:  Operating room efficiency begins with your ability to understand and predict physician scheduling patterns.  An in depth review of the specific days physicians schedule cases, as well as the downtime between scheduled cases determine the feasibility of a block program within your facility.  Given the appropriate data points, MAK can provide recommendations for the implementation of a block program to include: Block ownership, rules governing release times, determining effective percentage of blocked versus unblocked time to accommodate for add-ons or contraction within the O.R., and a comprehensive policy to ensure the success of your block program.  Following our review we will present our findings to hospital and O.R. leadership and leave you with a road map that clearly defines how to execute the plan. 

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