212 Culture

We understand the success of our mission is highly dependent upon the culture in which we exist.  As the healthcare environment continues to evolve from fee for service to global payments within the era of “population health”, it is more important than ever to substantiate who we are as an anesthesia practice.  Sam Parker developed a leadership strategy through his company that speaks to exactly where we fit as an anesthesia group.   Essentially, 212 is the temperature at which steam can power a train; it’s the extra effort (or the extra degree).  We recognize that one extra degree can make all the difference in the life of our patients, the success of the organizations we serve, and our ability to serve our communities with a philanthropic focus. 

Join Our Team

MAK Anesthesia takes immense pride in creating a thriving environment that magnetizes exceptional individuals to become valued members of our esteemed team. By fostering a culture that embraces excellence, we have successfully established a reputation for attracting top-notch candidates who are eager to contribute their expertise and skills. Our commitment to nurturing an exceptional community ensures that we consistently attract high-quality talent, enabling us to deliver the superior level of care and service that our patients deserve. Join us in our mission to provide outstanding anesthesia care by becoming a valued member of the distinguished MAK Anesthesia team.