Hospital Based Services

Our strategy is serve our communities by aligning with the hospital's needs.  We believe the ultimate test with any anesthesia group is a willingness and ability to be nimble.  The value proposition for anesthesia services must include downstream benefits for the patients and the facilities we serve.


Patient Satisfaction: As the industry evolves into a fully integrated continuum of care approach, anesthesia's involvement is necessary to address the perioperative episode of care.  Quality outcome and patient satisfaction scores are top of mind in every acute care facility throughout the country.  Because of our patient-centric approach, we align ourselves with hospitals to maximize these results through risk-stratified care pathway development, post-operative pain management, and anesthesia specific questionnaires. 

Cost Containment: Over 80% of hospitals throughout the country pay an anesthesia subsidy arrangement.  Our goal is to provide services that either eliminate or minimize the need for a subsidy.  We approach cost containment through three avenues: 1) Implementing and maintaining appropriate staffing coverage that is lean, responsive, and proven through data-visualization models, 2) market-driven compensation packages benchmarked against MGMA and tied to productivity, and 3) Revenue cycle maximization through proven quality outcomes and patient satisfaction results.

Operating Room Efficiency: The ability to maximize efficiency within the O.R. requires leadership and a collaborative effort with O.R. managers and directors.  We have the tools needed to affect staff-to-patient throughput preoperatively, intraoperative, and postoperatively.  We do this by: 1) Assessing baseline to determine where disparity may exist, 2) presenting findings to the O.R. leadership with a proposed strategy to reduce inefficiencies through our data-visualization models, and 3) working collaboratively to make improvements, measure results, and report successes.

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