Ambulatory & Office Based Services

The value proposition in the outpatient environment is dependent upon each service functioning at their peak performance.  In most instances, anesthesia is depended on to ensure operational efficiencies are maximized.  MAK Anesthesia understands these demands and will ensure these expectations are met.


With every ASC partnership, we focus on three (3) fundamental areas:  clinical excellence, cost containment, and customer service.  We believe those are the cornerstone services that are required to deliver successful outcomes for our patients and alignment with the needs of your facility.   

Clinical Excellence:  Organizationally our focus is delivering excellence in clinical care.  Within our governance structure we place heavy emphasis on both safety and quality performance.  Our ambulatory quality and safety chair is responsible for monitoring performance metrics as well as provide education to our staff regarding best practices in the field of anesthesia (specific to outpatient surgical care). 

Cost Containment: Both our anesthesiologist and anesthetist are aware of the importance of cost-containment.  We align ourselves with administration through emphasis on equipment/pharmacy cost, labor cost saved through efficiency improvements, and reduced liability.  

Client Service: Client satisfaction is a dominant factor in the success of anesthesia.  In fact, anesthesia is responsible for bridging quite a few clients: surgeons, facility administration, and patients.  Because of this philosophy we have core provider groups focused solely on the delivery of outpatient services, an active perioperative assessment team, and engaged partnership with the administration of each facility. 

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